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SUMO F1R6T1 2.0
Pic of SF Front Strut Tops

SUMO F1R6T1 2.0" Lift Kit and Trailing Arm Spacer Kit

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SUMO F1R2T1 2.0" Lift Kit and Trailing Arm Spacer Kit
Part Number: SLK-F1R6T1-2.0
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SUMO F1R6T1 2.0" Lift Kit and Trailing Arm Spacer Kit

Complete Front and Rear Block Set and Trailing Arm Spacer Kit (6 blocks total) 

This Kit allows you to run newer rear struts like the popular Forester struts.  It has the R2 top plates and the R1 Base plates (see Drawing).

These 2.0 Inch blocks attach to the top of the struts, in effect lowering the struts mounting point. The strut mounting locations have been offset to maintain the true geometry of the strut location (Caster and Camber corrected).  This means all the factory alignment settings are maintained and no use of "Camber Bolts" are required.

By installing the Trailing Arm Spacer Kit we retain the proper arc of the rear bearing housing (knuckle, spindle). This prevents the rear tire moving forward and keeps it "centered" in the rear wheel well.

Kit is manufactured from Plasma Cut, 3/16 (.188) thick Steel and Professionally MIG/TIG Welded. Includes all hardware for installation.

Powder Coated Satin Black or Custom Colors are available for an additional charge.


*We suggest you inspect all suspension components thoroughly when installing this kit. Specifically the struts, ball joints, tie rods, axle boots, etc.

*This kit will require a proper alignment when finished.

*Kit must be registered with our warranty department once installation is completed or warranty will be void.

*By purchasing this kit you accept full responsibility.

*As with all of our products we advise they be installed by a "qualified" installer. If you lack the proper tools, knowledge, ability, and common sense, PLEASE FIND A QUALIFIED INSTALLATION FACILITY!

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