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We are a small company of Subaru Enthusiasts based in Thornton, Colorado with 25+ years of experience modifying Subaru Vehicles.

Where did you get the name SUMO Parts?

When we established SUMO Parts in 2010 we specialized in Subaru Motor Parts (Hence SUMO Parts). Engine parts, Timing belts, idlers, water pumps etc. As time progressed we switched to more and more of the suspension parts and then finally we ended up back in the Off-Road line (been building lift kits off/on since 1978).

Who designs all of your parts, where are they manufactured?

All parts are designed and manufactured in house and tested before being released to the public.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2010.... Been building Parts since the early 1980's.... WE ARE THE ORIGINATORS, NOT THE IMITATORS....

Thanks for shopping with us!